Reconciliation Report
June/July Issue #47

From Left: James, Keziah, Daisy, Shekianhand, and Jesu Wilson
James Wilson to Join RMNi
Three years ago the Board of RMNi identified the need for an Assistant Director, and we began praying. Many of you have kindly joined in that prayer request, as listed in these Reports. Thank you! James and Daisy Wilson sense God's leading to join RMNi, with the purpose of taking that position. James is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and is half-way through a Master's in Intercultural Studies at Columbia International University. His desire is to become the mobilization arm of RMNI through the
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  • Great French evangelistic site
  • "Blasting holes in scientific naturalism, marveling at the intricate design of the universe, and promoting life in a culture of death."
  • Free computer help in plain English
  • This Side of Heaven: "Race, Ethnicity & Christianity"
organization he is founding, Heartbeat International Mobilization. "HIM has a goal to mobilize 6,000 African American believers to global missions and global kingdom living." One of our goals has been to mobilize 5,000 African Americans, so the fit is obvious. Our Board unanimously extended an invitation to the Wilsons to join RMNI. We believe that God can be glorified better with us working together, than separately. Part of this journey is "preparing the fields," before the house is built (Prov. 24:27). Applied in this case, James will need to raise funds to support his family and ministry, as a missionary, and when ready will move to Chattanooga, becoming Assistant Director. James' focus is upon younger people, a population RMNi has not targeted before. Please pray that James will be able to relocate in God's good timing. He has enormous energy, great passion for the Lord, stellar references and creative computer skills. Daisy also has a wonderful spirit and desire to glorify God with James.

Having served short-term in Nigeria, Jamaica, Mexico and the Philippines, we anticipate that he'll be leading ministry teams for RMNi, including youths. In fact, he recruited one of our team members for the June Southern Sudan Team. James has served as a youth pastor and also has counseled at-risk youth. He currently serves at a rescue mission helping clients to obtain employment. He can be contacted at Welcome to RMNi!

RMNi is looking for a person with a passion to mobilize African Americans for global missions who is particularly gifted with research and Internet skills. We will also need a person to handle office administration, and would welcome other missions mobilizers as well. Please contact us for more information, if you sense the Lord nudging you. You can email or call 423-822-1091. We are a multi-ethnic ministry.

"I came upon your website by God-directed 'chance,' if you will. What a wealth of information; I wish I had found this site sooner-it would have saved me much grief. I am going to feature it in my next newsletter.
-A Master's-level missions student

Missiometrics expert Todd Johnson contrasts the rapidly declining percentage of the globe's percentage of unevangelized (from 44% in 1970 to 28% in 2007) with their actual numerical increase-1,641,300 in 1970 to 1,800,228,000 in 2007 ("Missiometrics 2007,"David Barrett & Todd Johnson, Int'l Bulletin of Missionary Research, Jan. 2007, p. 32). In 2005 Johnson noted: "To evangelize the world by 2025 the number of unevangelized who are evangelized would have to increase from 70.7 million per year to 174.2 million per year. But these 100 million unevangelized non- Christians are far-removed from current Christian outreach."(World Christian Database). Why aren't we doing more? Part of the problem is our theology. Do we really believe that the unevangelized will go to hell? (For an article on subject, please see: What Happens to the Unevangelized) If we don't, what's the rush? Part of the problem is selfishness among most wealthy people (earning over $10,000 per year)-spending perhaps 2% on global missions (World Christian Database). Another reason is overemphasis upon discipleship in missions. Between 1974 and 2000, 90% of new missionaries went to reached people, primarily doing church planting or discipleship, in contrast to pioneer evangelism (World Christian Database, June 2004). Christ's return is not delayed by lack of Christian maturity (except as it hinders missions), it is delayed by the Gospel not reaching all peoples (Matt. 24:3, 14). Discipleship is primarily the job of national church pastors, who create a "garden" in which Christians can grow. The Internet has opened a door to Muslims. An estimated overall 9% of the Arab world (including Iran) uses the Internet. While a small percentage, it represents 32,000,000 people, up from 9 million in 2002-probably many of them change agents ("Arab and Iranian Bloggers: Emerging Threat to Official Line," Vivian Salama). Father Zakaria Boutros ("Father Z") capitalizes on this trend at his websites. His critique of Islam is bold and biblical, disregarding personal safety. While I can't substantiate it, I've heard on good authority that his site has 250 million hits a year. Internet apologetics can have a great return on investment of personnel and funds and provides anonymity to seekers in closed societies who surf from Internet cafes. An excellent evangelistic site for French-speakers is, with solid content, todayappeal, and compelling avenues to involve various population segments. The most chilling stat is that an average of 42,000 die daily who have never been evangelized (World Christian Database). With so many avenues to give, to pray, and to go, any Christian can help reach the unreached. We've just updated our Global Mission Trends presentation in a 75-slide 2007 edition, accessible from our home page

Dr. Michael and Kay Johnson. Dr. Johnson is a missionary surgeon in Kenya. He and Kay have a wide ministry to orphans, street children, and to poor rural areas, providing water, food and education. They serve with World Gospel Mission. The photo to the right shows interaction with the Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church (TN) youth group after a presentation. LMPC supports Michael and Kay.
Rev. Jimmie Johnson, left, with his wife Gloria and five children, are waiting for a work permit to return to Namibia for a second term with the mission organization SIM. To the right is Pastor Ronnie Bullock, of First Baptist Church of Washington Hills, Chattanooga, where Rev. Johnson preached in May. Rev. Bullock is carefully preparing his church for local and global outreach. Jim Sutherland taught a seminar on world missions at his church on the Wednesday prior to Rev. Johnson’s coming. Rev. Johnson also spoke at Church of the First Born (Pastor Alfred Johnson [!]), giving a well-receivedmissionary presentation .
James Wilson (soon to be with RMNi) challenging his audience for global missions at Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, Chattanooga (Pastor Reggie Poindexter)

Jim Sutherland, Ph.D., Director
POB 2537
Chattanooga, TN 37409-0537
Mobilizing the African
American Church for
Global Mission
Phone: 423.822.1091

Thank you for praying for the Sudan Team recruitment. Seven are planning to serve in Sudan. Five of these are seeking direction for fulltime Christian work and a sixth is an African American pastor, here in Chattanooga. Four are African American and four are men. As God leads you, please pray for the Sudan Team (June 16-30, 2007):
  • That many will find help through the medical clinic
  • That God will direct the five team members who are seeking His leading
  • For team unity and mutual support, as the team’s first meeting is at the airport; also, one member will not join the team until we arrive in Uganda
  • For full funding to support all the team members
  • For the purchase of a suitable truck in time for the team’s arrival at Torit, southern Sudan (funds have been provided by Lookout Presbyterian Church)
  • That the Sudanese will greatly benefit from our ministry, as well as the Ugandans at New Life Presbyterian near Kampala (they will serve for two days at that church which was planted by Lookout Mtn. Presbyterian in 2000);
  • pray for enduring fruit from these ministries
  • That our service will be acceptable to God, and to the Sudanese and Ugandans
  • For protection from the Evil One and those he controls and protection for our families
  • For excellent health
  • That many will be saved and grow in Christ, and that a church will be planted.

  • We’re very grateful for James Wilson’s intention to join RMNI as Assistant Director. Please pray that the Lord will enable him to
    come on board soon.
  • We’ve asked you to pray for “E” (Everett) in the past. He found a job, has gotten his GED, and is considering going to a technical college! He needs to draw close to the Lord. Recently three visiting African American missionaries have accompanied Jim into the Westside housing projects. God usually provides an excellent experience. Antonio is in jail and Alex needs a job. Rel called and has found a job.
  • Please pray for other positions to be filled at RMNI—in research, the Internet, administration, and mobilization.
  • We’re compiling a new African American missionary census. Please pray for the ability to complete it within the next year.
  • Jim preaches on missions on June 10 at First Baptist of Hixson
  • For grace and strength for Judi Sutherland as she cares for her 86-year-old mother, who is very frail.
  • For good sleep and refreshment.
  • For the ability to complete the updating of our website and to keep it current. We have about 8,000 visits per month. 
  • We’re grateful for our Board of Directors, who provide excellent counsel and encouragement.
  • For ongoing and new contacts with African American pastors who are open to missions.
  • For wisdom in time usage
  • Guidance for mission trips
    for 2008.