Team Leader Manual

Thank you for your willingness to assume the extremely important servant role of Team Leader as you equip the saints for ministry! Your godly, encouraging pastoral guidance is a key to your Team's effectiveness. This information is designed to assist you in building Team unity before leaving for Africa and in scheduling essential tasks. We want to provide the best possible experience. Please first become very familiar with the contents of the Africa Christian Training Institute Travel Manual.

A clear line of authority should be present within each Team so that Ugandans will have clear signals from your Team. While delegation is encouraged, overall Team leadership should not be rotated among Team members, particularly when working with Ugandans. You may have to make very difficult decisions while on the field. Consider obtaining the email address of your pastor and/or another godly counselors in case of need. 

Recruitment of Team Members 

Pre-trip Planning 

1st Meeting

Start at least 6 months in advance of departure

Objectives: (1) getting acquainted (2) initiating prayer (3) initiating study of Uganda (4) initiating study of cross-cultural ministry (5) intercessory prayer

  1. A potluck meal format is excellent, with each contributing something.
  2. Ask each person for an introduction and personal testimony of salvation.
  3. Discuss their goals for going to Uganda, their questions concerning going, and then discuss facts about the country of Uganda, including its location. Ask them to write down their goals, and evaluate them upon their return, in the follow-up debriefing meeting.
  4. You may wish to assign homework to each of the Team members to present to the group some aspect of life in Uganda at your next meeting. Examples are: AIDS/health, culture, History before President Amin and since Amin, religion, geography/climate/economy, the military/rebel, and the orphan situation. Use the Websites given in the travel manual.
  5. Assign each person to read Ministering Cross-Culturally: An incarnational model for personal relationships,: An incarnational model for personal relationships, by Lingenfelter and Mayers (Baker, ISBN: 0-8010-5632-2). Highly engrossing, this book will deal with issues such as time perception, goals, issues of self-worth, and is short. Other excellent books are Sowing the Mustard Seed, by President Yoweri Museveni (Macmillan, ISBN: 0-333-64234-1), and A distant grief, by Kefa Sempangi. See the attached bibliography.
  6. Begin the passport application process, allowing at least three months.
  7. Remind the Team to exercise sufficiently for the increased walking/hiking in Uganda.
  8. Have each person take the cross-cultural assessment in Ministering Cross-Culturally (2nd Ed.). Send in $2.00 @ for the rights to use the test to the publisher.
  9. Have Team members begin praying for the other Team members, for God to empower, and for favor and receptivity of Ugandans to ministry.
2nd Meeting

Objectives: (1) Uganda up-close (2) fund raising procedures (3) distribute essential forms (4) monitor medical preparations (5) intercessory prayer

  1. Focus upon the assignments given at the last meeting, including reports for assignments dealing with aspects of Ugandan culture.
  2. You may wish to present "A Day in Uganda" in pictures, or even in skit form, noting both the joys and the challenges.
  3. You might wish to share your most memorable experiences of a previous trip!
  4. You could present our Ugandan hosts and co-workers in some format.
  5. Discuss the results of the cultural survey.
  6. You could distribute passport applications, available from the Post Office, as well as the Travel Manual, ACTI Information sheets, and Waiver of Liability papers.
  7. You will need to address the fund-raising procedures and deadlines. Complete funding is needed in the ACTI office a month prior to departure in order for our Ugandan office to finalize and, in some cases, make deposits, for ministry at various venues. You might suggest that each person pray for an advocate who will help to raise funds, but prayer is the key.
  8. Monitor the Team getting immunizations, appointments for which should be made so that shots are given at least two weeks before departure. Members will also need to make an appointment to see their doctor to obtain prescription medicines for the trip (see the Manual).
  9. Arrange for the next time and location for meeting.
  10. Take prayer requests for each other for the weeks prior to departure, and then take time for each person to pray for one another before ending the meeting.
  11. Give each person a copy of the travel insurance application brochure, available from Overseas. You will need to obtain short-term trip insurance prior to departure. You may need coverage from more than one company if some team members do not qualify due to age (read "too old"). Currently we use HTH Travel Insurance, and have found that it is cost effective for its provisions. You can also locate medical facilities in many destinations before departure. Older team members may obtain coverage from New York International Group, which we have also used.
  12. Intercessory prayer.
3rd Meeting

Objectives: (1) collect completed forms and papers (2) monitor medical and fund-raising progress (3) discuss intercultural issues raised by Lingenfelter (4) continue intercessory prayer

  1. Check on fund raising progress.
  2. Monitor lesson/sermon/teaching materials development.
  3. Obtain a photocopy of the photo page of each Team member's passport. You should leave one copy of the passport at the church and bring another photocopy of the passport with you to Uganda, in case it is lost/stolen. They are more easily replaced at the American Embassy if the passport number and place of issue are known. The US Embassy website in Kampala is
  4. Discuss the book Ministering Cross-Culturally.
  5. Discuss the authority structure of the Team, and policies that your own Team might want to initiate.
  6. Have each Team member next time bring the phone number of someone who will be the hub contact for news and prayer request distribution to their own network.
  7. Arrange for transportation to the airport and for someone to pick up the Team when returning to the gateway airport. Make sure that each Team member's family knows the times of departure and return.
  8. Discuss the importance of praying for each other, and for Team prayer in Uganda. Obtain a commitment from each Team member to reveal to you if they are experiencing interpersonal problems with other Team members, so that you can intervene.
  9. Pray for each other's areas of need. You might discuss what each would like God to do for him or herself and for the Ugandans on this trip. 
4th Meeting

Objectives: (1) Pack all gear except carry-ons (2) policy development as needed (3) checking for essential papers (4) check on medical preparations (5) check on finances, including insurance

  1. Pack Team gear as a Team-building exercise, as well as for mutual encouragement in this sometimes tedious work. Make sure that you have scales, duct tape, colored ribbon and locks, as well as a designated baggage captain, who will make sure that all bags get from point to point. Be sure that boxes and baggage conforms to your airline's restrictions for checked bags, for carry-ons and for the cost of extra baggage of regular dimensions and of greater weight and/or dimensions, as needed. 
  2. The more you get to know one another prior to departure, the better the Team will adjust on the field.
  3. Discuss how your Team would handle sickness that would necessitate a Team member being sidelined.

    Being sick has been the low-point for some short-termers who have gotten sick from mostly intestinal difficulties. We try to take full preventive medical precautions, but cannot claim to keep people from all illness. Ask Team members to ask their prayer supporters to pray against sickness for all the Team, and to have those supporters pray DAILY for their ministry in Uganda.

  4. Check that each one has a passport holder.
  5. Check that each person has airline tickets.
  6. Has each given a list of daily/weekly prayer requests, according to specific venues, to those who will pray?
  7. Collect completed insurance forms or proof of overseas insurance coverage, waiver forms and information forms.
  8. Intercessory prayer
5th Meeting

Objectives: (1) provide closure to the trip (2) share reflections, experiences and lessons learned on the trip (3) assure that donors have been given a report and thanks (4) plan for church preparations (5) intercession for Uganda

  1. Set a date for a de-briefing Team meeting, with spouses, allowing time for pictures to be developed. This meeting is very important by providing closure. You will have lived very closely and may never be together again as a group.
  2. You might ask for trip high-points and low-points, how the trip changed thinking or perspective, and what God taught them. Check to see if Follow-up Surveys were returned. Your own evaluation will be very welcome.
  3. Pray for Uganda and your vision for what you believe God wants us to do as a result of the Uganda sojourn.
  4. Make sure that all donors have been thanked and a report sent to each.
  5. Encourage each to fulfill any promises made to Ugandans while there.
  6. Plan to make Team presentations, as applicable, to supporting churches.

Team Leader Issues

Travel to Uganda

On the Field

After Returning Home

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Jim Sutherland 8/23/13

Jim Sutherland