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News and Updates

Missions Conferences Especially for African Americans

On April 26, 2014, The Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board will partner with Gilfied Baptist Church, in Charles City, VA, to host a one-day missions conference. Keith Jefferson and others will present and and lead breakout sessions.

Great Commission Global Ministries, together with SIM, is hosting their annual National African American Missions Conference, June 19-21st, 2014. It will be at McLean Bible Church, Vienna, VA.

Mission Trends 2013

With updated stats from Todd M. Johnson and Peter F. Crossing, Mission Trends 2013 is now available in downloadable PowerPoint format. Stats are targeted for mid-2013. Information is based upon the 29th annual International Bulletion of Missionary Research, January (2013) edition, and is the leading source for timely global data concerning Christianity, with sizes and growth rates of other major world religions.

Uganda Ministry Opportunities, 2014

RMNI has led many teams in ministry in Uganda, and uses Uganda as its base for work in S. Sudan. We continue to have excellent opportunities for service in Uganda through Africa Christian Training Ministries, based in Kampala. We can arrange ministry in Uganda suited to your spiritual and vocational gifts. If you come during the dates of our next trip to S. Sudan, currently July 12-26, 2014, you can travel with us. Please contact Jim at 423-822-1091 for more information.

Annual federal financial information for this ministry can be accessed at:
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