I greatly respect Dr. Tony Evans as an evangelical teacher and mentor to pastors, particularly in the African American community. Indeed, he is arguably the most influential African American evangelical. There are few preachers who can better illustrate God's Word. We in no way wish to discredit him or his ministry.

In his book Totally Saved [ISBN: 0802468195] Dr. Evans in an appendix on p. 351-65 outlines his new doctrine of "transdispensationalism."  Moody Press, the publisher, has reissued this book in paperback, without this appendix, by the same title [ISBN:0802468241]. Not knowing if this appendix omission was due to criticism of Moody Press for printing the appendix, or due to a change in Dr. Evans' position, I tried for over 4 months to determine from Dr. Evans if he still would continue to teach and promulgate this particular doctrine.  I could get no reply, so must assume that he may continue to teach and promote "transdispensationalism." What was said of learned Greek father Origin could be said of Dr. Evans, that in his pastoral concern he has turned a hope into a doctrine (see Bruce L. Shelley, Church History in Plain Languare, 2nd ed., p. 86, ISBN: 0849938619).

Go here for both a summary of the doctrine and my reply.

Jim Sutherland