[This is a letter written by nurse Earnestine Hollimon, regarding her ministry in Uganda in 2002.]

March 29, 2008

Greetings with praises to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

My mission trip in 2002 was the most prized and cherished two weeks of my life. Why?

UgandaBecause I can truly say it was done to God's glory and to up build His Kingdom. (Personally for me in the flesh I was scared to death.) The total reward and gain only heaven knows, but I appreciated the opportunity. He blessed me to serve Him. I was able to attend this mission trip before a devastating accident left my husband a quadriplegic. And for this I am so very thankful. That's why we must serve the Lord today, for we know not what tomorrow holds. The Bible says night cometh when no man can work. I had the chance to talk with other women (African) and found out to my ignorant surprise their prayer list was the same as mine. Praying for their husbands, children, education to better themselves and daily needs of food and shelter. The children was so precious to my heart and I realize they too desire to hear the Good News. The Good News of our Saviour Jesus Christ's gift of eternal life. Enclosed is a picture I cherish with all my heart. Please make a copy but return my picture. I often use it to pray for the children gathered around me. Of all the memories of my mission trip, this one I LOVE. I enjoyed their beautiful voices singing, in African accent, praises to God.

Every Christian who has the chance should do at least one mission trip. Their life would prosper generously. Often I also pray to see Sharon, a little girl I met in Kampala, before I die. (But, if not - in heaven.)

Lastly I thank God for Jim, accompanied and supported by his wife in the work you all are doing at Reconciliation Ministries Network. Please continue to encourage our people of the black race to GO do missionary work for God.

May God open our eyes and hearts for the need,