Jesus said, "Go therefore and make disciples of all" (Matt 28:19). Our purpose is not merely to spawn baby Christians, but to "make disciples." This is the point of separation between quantity and quality. A disciple is a "learner." A learner of you as you are a follower and learner of Christ  (just as Paul instructed his disciples to follow his example - 2Thes 3:7, 1Cor 11:1) and, also, a follower of Christ.

a woman can be discipled

Beyond teaching, disciples learn from your example. If she sees the impact your study of scripture makes in your life, she will study scripture, too. When he sees a devotion to prayer and worship, he will devote himself to prayer and worship. Discipleship takes time and patience. It requires building a trustworthy relationship. It takes the gifts of the Spirit.

A man can be discipled