She traveled to South Sudan with us on three trips ... and then she stayed, starting in March 2010.  Here's her reports. 

March 2012

May 20, 2011

January 21, 2011

God is so good!!! I ended the year completely exhausted. Many problems to solve concerning the Girls’ school before the new term begins in the middle of February [2011]. Our school had a visit from seven department heads of the Ministry of Education, based in Torit. They are seeking ways to use more untrained teachers. I think this is a serious mistake! Most of my teachers are untrained and if they also lack love for the girls along with a good understanding of the importance and value of education, then success in providing quality education is very difficult. I want to put a plan together and present to the education ministry for approval. I pray for open-mindedness and a willingness by the Education Ministry to launch a special program through our school. Please pray for the following:

Porridge for one meal a day for students

Add the next level (primary five) to the school

Reduce my teaching load at the Girls School

Hire a new teacher with a heart for children and teaching

A meeting with the head of Planning (Education Ministry)

For wisdom for a strategic plan that will be acceptable to the ministry

Change a few policies of the school that hinder the girls

Direction in teaching Biology at the Senior Secondary School

Ellen Fox will seek and do the will of God

The challenges have not hindered my desire to serve in Lohutok. I still find joy in teaching and I look forward to teaching not only English Composition at the Secondary School but also Biology to senior one and senior 2. All my efforts to start a Bible study for women have stalled. I continue to go to the designated area and pray for the women as they pass by. I have prayed for old women, pregnant women, sick women, and girls and boys on their way to school. I pray seeds are being planted to rid the villages of alcohol abuse, physical abuse to wives by husbands, poor health practices and a yearning to know how Jesus can change their lives. The AIC [Africa Inland Church] church in Lohutok sponsored a Lopit all-night prayer meeting for the referendum and they asked me to speak. I told them that real freedom was found in Jesus Christ. Southern Sudan is very excited about the referendum, so I ask you to bathe the resulting outcome and the aftermath in prayer. I look forward to seeing the 2011 Team from RMNI!

Thank you for all your help in making my stay in Lohutok comfortable. I am beginning to think seriously about purchasing a motorcycle. God Bless you!

September 12, 2010

Everything is going well even though we have a few challenges with the school.  Attendance is down largely due to discontinuing the feeding program however, we look to restart serving porridge this term.  The girls are a joy to teach and although progress is slow we still have some accomplishments.  All the girls have memorized the school motto which is Proverbs 1.7 and John 3.16.

The community had a visit from the newly elected commissioners and were thrilled to see girls in school.  They sang, quoted their motto and recited facts about Africa and Sudan.  The commissioners remarked how delighted they were to see what may be a catalyst to changing the present culture of girls destined to marriage and cultivating.  They believe girls have more to offer to Sudan and their society.  This was such a blessing to hear.  I tell the girls all the time that they can attain higher education and use it to help the The New Southern Sudan to come.    One setback has been starting Bible Study for the women.  I just began waiting for the women as they come out of the village to go to the gardens, I stop them and just say a prayer with them and then let them go.  This has been so rewarding for me.  Please pray with me that this will blossom into a fellowship of sharing the Word of God so that God may be glorified.  One older man watched one day and said he was so happy that I was praying WITH the women.

Life is good.  More minor injuries but basically I'm good.  Lost more weight but as I get use to the food I'm sure I'll put on more weight..  I'm slow at learning the language but it's coming.  THE AIC Church is starting an initiative to have a Bible study group on every day of the week held in a different villages.  This will be great on all fronts giving God the glory.  The big news now is the up and coming referendum which is scheduled for January 11, 2011.  Much preparation is necessary for this to take place.  Please pray for a peaceful Sudan during the process.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

I give God all the glory!!!

Fox in Southern Sudan

Note: Ellen has lost about 70 pounds in six months. Please pray that she'll be able to gain weight. She is now the lead administrator of the girl's school.  

Here is Fox's Reboot - foxshoespswebApril 30, 2010

Fantastic first term teaching at Lohutok Christian girls school, which is such a blessing.

Teaching English, mathmatics and Christian religion for Primary 3, which range in age of 10-15. Challenges: language barrier and children are involved with chores from the minute they leave school beginning with hauling water up to their homes in the mountains. Therefore no time for homework. Great differences of learning levels even within the P3 class. This first term test will help me assess how much impact on effective teaching or learning. During 1st term [in the] village experienced 2 unexpected deaths, including one from malaria. One accidental fire destroyed the home of 2 of my students, a teacher of P4 fell sick with malaria and an incident of cattle rustling that ended in 4 fatalities. I was able to witness the voting of the villagers for the first time ever in the history of its existence. That was very exciting. Schools and business were closed for the entire week. The children don't have to make up the time however I plan to work with some of the students over the break. The most thrilling experience is when I say "Break time" during the day and the class says "no = keep teaching" --every teacher's dream to have enthusiastic students--all 17 of them.

Borehole Ministry

When fetching my own water I always without fail greet women and children on the way to and from the borehole. I pump not only my water but also help with the other ladies and children there fetching water. I also help mount gerrycans on their heads as they return to their homes. Sometimes I go to the clinic and pass out water to the patients and visitors along with praying with them. I will also start reading the Bible to some of the patients. Patrick asked me to start a women's bible study which will begin the first sunday in may and the location of the bible study will be the borehole!!!! Praise His Holy Name!!!!

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