Backyard BBQ Evangelism

BBQWe have to start letting go of some of our long-held ideas about church and ministry. Especially when it comes to evangelism and outreach. But it’s not always easy.

Here’s a true story that illustrates that reality. (I’ve kept some details vague, and adjusted others slightly to protect the identity of the pastor and church in question.)

Recently, I was talking with a small church pastor who was upset at his deacons.

"I have five deacons," he told me. "And they help out everywhere but at the church. One of them builds houses for Habitat for Humanity, the others volunteer at the senior center, the homeless shelter, the food bank, and as an assistant coach for the high school football team. That last one makes me especially angry."

"Why is that?” I asked.

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A Good Half Day in the Hood

The Smokin' For Jesus event was a great time for over 100 volunteers to join in loving our friends at the Westside. The first picture below is of volunteers praying before the event--a shot which omits those at the serving lines. We had a lot of fun together, with excellent ministry, music and the message of Christ going out. Nine churches, including charismatic Baptists, Presbyterians, Baptists, Bible Church and Independent churches came together as one, together with a half-dozen parachurch ministries. The Bride of Christ looked great! Here is a page of event photos on the Westside Ministry Network Facebook page.

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Did you know …?!

Did you know there is actually a manifesto for African Americans and missions?!

I have talked to Christians who have never met an African American missionary. I have been to churches where members don’t remember ever having a cross-cultural missionary share at their services. And while it may not seem that a lot is happening among African Americans and missions, God is reviving a rich legacy in missions among those who are seeking to serve!

The Bible says, “seek and ye shall find.” A group of mission seekers came together to ratify the African American Missions Mobilization Manifesto. It crystallizes the vision and passion for global missions. It also includes some important history and statistics.

Here are a few quick excerpts:

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Did YOU See That?!

How did three people look at the SAME thing and see something DIFFERENT?!

Once there was a single lady that was leaving work late one evening with one of her employees as well as a fellow co-worker. As they approached the lady’s car, the lady and the two men all noticed she had a flat tire. At this moment,

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You’d Be Surprised!

You just might be surprised at which of your friends, coworkers, or family members is looking for help, direction, and opportunities to grow in their service in mission.

I have received forwarded emails that are just what I need to bring a smile or encouragement at just the right time.

Take a moment and share these helpful sites with your friends. The seed you sow might be just the one to bear much fruit for the kingdom!

  • Tools to help you pray
  •  Opportunities to give to support people and projects
  • Prayer requests for supporting the work through prayer
  • Information about various countries, people groups
  • Opportunities to GO for a short or long-term trip

As believers we are called to teach ALL nations. Surf the web and help build the kingdom!

Examples of the very helpful information about missions you will find at these links:

Joshua Project -

Find out about people groups with the least followers of Christ.

Serving In Missions –

An international sending organization with long and short-term opportunities to serve all over the world!

Wycliffe Bible Translators -

About 350 million people do not have the Bible in their own language. Find out what you can do to help!

Use these tools to help encourage your church to be more missions minded!

Now share this info with a friend! This just could be for someone YOU know!