Did you know there is actually a manifesto for African Americans and missions?!

I have talked to Christians who have never met an African American missionary. I have been to churches where members don’t remember ever having a cross-cultural missionary share at their services. And while it may not seem that a lot is happening among African Americans and missions, God is reviving a rich legacy in missions among those who are seeking to serve!

The Bible says, “seek and ye shall find.” A group of mission seekers came together to ratify the African American Missions Mobilization Manifesto. It crystallizes the vision and passion for global missions. It also includes some important history and statistics.

Here are a few quick excerpts:

We are concerned that after several generations of obstacles our churches have greatly lost touch with the breadth of the mandate to take the Gospel to the world and that our churches have little exposure to the spiritual climate in nations of the world today.

We believe that God has called the African American Church to take its rightful place as a significant participant in His Mission to reach all nations with the good news of His Son, and that its participation is essential to God's plan to reach the nations.

… We embrace our historical legacy that has equipped us for present day service. We affirm our local churches as the primary agent for fulfilling the Great Commission. … We declare that we will by the grace of God, intentionally and strategically engage God's calling to the nations as a lifetime commitment.

Are you catching the vision, too?!

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