Have you noticed that many Baptist churches have inserted “Missionary” in their name? So the revised name becomes, for example, Friendly Missionary Baptist Church. Why do you think that is?

Is it to show a total commitment to reaching the world for Christ? Is it because of a passion to make disciples and witness to the community? Perhaps it was simply copied by some as what seemed like a good tradition but with no real change in purpose.

How can you tell the difference? James says simply, by the works (James 2:26), by what is done.

As we look at the things we do in our respective churches, are we committed to them because they help us accomplish God’s purpose or are we simply doing them because of tradition, because we did it last year or it’s always been done that way.

Traditions can be a good thing when they help us apply God’s word to our lives. But when the tradition itself becomes our main focus and even distracts us from obeying the Bible, then we begin to worship the tradition rather than God. (Matthew 15:1-9)

God gave us an awesome chance to be a part of His great plan of salvation. Let’s examine all we do to make sure our hearts are near to God and we obey His Great Commission with a true missionary spirit.

Talk Back! – Do other denominations adjust their titles to add something about missions? Let me know what you have seen.