I have heard this question more than once: Why go around the world with the gospel when there are people right here that need to be saved? If we followed the reasoning of “why go”, we would never send relief or aide to others until every American was well fed and well clothed.We wouldn’t bother to help those far away even if they encounter famines, natural disasters, or other hardships. But of course we do send help because we understand there are great physical needs. 

Sadly, there are places in the world where people live in great spiritual darkness and do not have access to the gospel. They don’t have Bibles or churches. Billions of people in our world live in areas where they won’t hear the gospel unless we send someone. Jesus said the road to destruction is wide with many choosing that way. It is a myth that we can put off sending the gospel to others until all our people at home are saved. There are numerous practical reasons we should go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone (Mark 16:15). But the most import reason we should go is because Jesus asked us to go.