In the early 1980's I sat on the forth row of my college church. Little did I know that a young lady would speak that day and share words that would change the course of my life forever. It must have been providence that our paths would cross at that moment, for I’ve never seen her again, yet her message haunts me even to this day.

She was just returning from a short-term mission trip to South Africa. In that day, she had to be declared an “honorary white” to travel and minister with her colleagues. What really struck me was this comment: she said some South Africans were resistant to accepting the gospel message because they had never seen a Black missionary spreading the news. Hearing that, I was knocked out of my comfortable space as I soberly realized that our absence on the mission field was actually hindering the spread of the gospel. Since that time, one of my great desires has been to see more African Americans respond to the Great Commission.

What is so exciting is that these days, our involvement in cross cultural missions seems to be growing. I have been overjoyed meet other African American missionaries. I have been Excited (with a capital E!) to talk to several this year who are preparing for long-term assignments in other parts of the world. I believe God is moving and stirring us up! I have long awaited such a time as this. Could the time be now?! One pastor said, "Only God can make a wave, let's just be ready to ride it!" Do you see a wave of the Spirit moving among us?

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