Since 1972, Jim (RMNI Director) and Judi Sutherland have been missionaries among African Americans.  

Jim taught Personal Financial Management at Cedine Bible Institute, Covenant College, Teen Challenge of Chattanooga, Tenn., and at churches and retreats in the US, and various other countries.  For nine years Jim was a Seminar Field Representative for Christian Financial Concepts, Inc. (now Crown Ministries).

In 1998, Jim completed a PhD in Intercultural Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, Illinois, focusing upon the reasons why there are so few African Americans engaged in cross-cultural mission.  A major focus of ministry is to encourage the African American church in her obedience to the Great Commission.


Free debt/budget counseling may be available in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area to couples and individuals of any ethnic or spiritual background. 


RMNi is available to consult with churches in financial stewardship and to African American churches in missions development. Seminars are also available. 


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Marriage, Gender and Parenting

Powerpoint Presentations:

Gender, Marriage, and Divorce

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Marriage by the Book

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Marriage Communication: The Rules of Engagement

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Parenting by the Book

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Parenting by the Book African edition

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PowerPoint Presentations

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Race and Reconciliation

Ethnic ("racial") conflicts are in the headlines almost daily. What does the Bible have to say about race and ethnicity? The teachings of Christ are the only solid foundation for ethnic reconciliation.

What is ethnicity? How does it relate to race? What can the church do to bring healing to people battered by other ethnic groups? See "The Church and Ethnicity."

Whites and Blacks see racial issues through different lenses. See "Race through the fish eye" to the left.

What is the best foundations for racial reconciliation? See "Reconciliation--The Now But Not Yet"

Jim Sutherland


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Commands of Christ

The commands of Christ are the foundation for Christian discipleship, according to Matthew 28:20. Since knowing the truth sets a Christian free (John 8:32), each command liberates a follower a little more, through obedience.

Here are 9 of Christ's commands (other papers on His commands are planned). Feel free to use these in your discipleship.